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February 25, 2007

Tourist kills mugger

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The AP is reporting that an American Tourist has killed a mugger in Costa Rica. Apparently a group of tourists were attacked at a beach by 3 men, armed with 2 knives and a gun. A former United States military man, attacked the gunman and killed him with his bare hands!

He was not charged by the police and has resumed his cruise. I say more power to him.  Criminals should know that not everyone is an easy target.


February 18, 2007

Stupid Liberal trash.

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I stumbled upon some scumbag saying all United States Military Personel should go AWOL or committ suicide. I almost didn’t blog this, because I hate to post his link and get him more page views. But here it is http://savannahnow.com/node/219232. I hope he says it to some Marine’s face and gets his ass kicked.

February 16, 2007

.com name

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I am thinking of getting a .com name.  I am just concerned that at this point my writing is quite up to the standards of offering myself as a freelance writer.  But I would link to my AC articles, which according to SOME freelancers would be a major no no.  But that is the best sample of my writing I have to offer.  I may just go to a .com name to just try to get more hits on my AC stuff via links.  Right now the name I am considering, that is open is NCfreelancer.com. But I may want to go with something else that would draw attention to my writing.  If anyone has any ideas for a site name I would love to hear them.  I also am considering some sort of football name and concentrate on those articles, since they get me the most hits.

Sorry guys

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I would like to say I am sorry to my millions, er dozens of readers. Ok, I mean sorry Snoop. I have been very busy and had a minor health scare so I have not been blogging.  I have been working 12 hours or more a day, and been tired when I did have time to post.  I will do my best to keep my ramblings going on a daily basis.

February 10, 2007

Open Letter to Wal-Mart

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First thanks for building one of the largest Wal-Marts in the country, 5 miles from my house.  As I do 90% of my grocery shopping there, this is a great help.

I like the new store for the most part. You could use more parking, and your magazine/book section leaves a little to be desired.

 I have some ideas to relieve the stress of shopping in the grocery section. People are running around in all directions, causing pandamonium to break out. Pain lines in the asiles like on a highway. Then have all shoppers wear shock collars. You know, like they train dogs with.

 Have the lines set up so that if a person crosses the line he/she gets zapped. Have security monitor the store and zap any kid over the age of 3 that runs in the store, and their parents for letting them. And what the hell zap any teen age boy who struts through there acting like a bad butt. 

These are good ideas and if you need someone to run the zapper program, not only do I work for free, I would probably pay you to get to zap em.

February 8, 2007

Support the Grin Kids!

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What is a Grin Kid? you ask.  ACE & TJ’s Grin Kids is a non-profit 501c3 charity, created by morning show personalities ACE & TJ in Charlotte, North Carolina in January of 2000.  They take terminally ill and chronically handicapped, ages five to twelve, in their listening area, to Disney World. They also take the families of these kids.  For the duration of the trip the parents get to take it easy, as well.

For the record I have nothing to do with Grin Kids or Ace&TJ, I am just a fan of both the charity and the show.

 I would also like to extend my condolences to the Harke family on the death of Grin Kid Jasper Harke. Jasper was an original Grin Kid on the first trip. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family.

February 5, 2007

Gary C King’s newest book available

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You can pick up a copy of Mr. Kings new book “Stolen in the Night” now.  Barnes and Noble or at Amazon.

 This book is about a nutjob who kidnapped 2 kids after killing their family, he later killed the boy but the girl lived.  I remember following the story in the news.

February 3, 2007

Soccer Riots

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I see that there were some bad soccer riots in Italy. One police officer was killed and another badly injured. They have suspended the sport in Italy. I think if there are soccer riots, the game should be banned in that country for an entire season. Ok I do understand that soccer fans are a little off in the head, or they would be American Football fans.  But for people to die over a sport is quite stupid.  If it drives people into a frenzy of fighting, then ban the sport and be done with it.

January 31, 2007

No Talent Hack

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Deborah Ng a blogger and freelance writer recently brought up Associated Content on her blog. She pretty well let it be known she has a low opinion of the site. Her pets who read her blog ripped all the AC writers in the comments.  They made fun of us and of stay at home moms who write there.  Many people who claim they are editors or have other jobs with real media, say they reject any AC writers for other writing jobs.  At first I was mad. Now I am just resigned to the fact that I AM a no talent hack.  I had hoped to improve my writing and write for magazines and write a novel some day.  My only problem with AC is I don’t know how good or bad I am. They don’t tell us what we do good, they just accept the article. Sometimes in a rejection they will say what is bad. I have had about 4 rejections out of over 50 submissions.  3 were because they were not interested in the subject, one was due to really crappy sentence structure on my part.  But I won’t give up on AC writing, it really does pay and it is still is cool to see my stuff published, even if it is online.  I will just put away my delusion of being a “Real” writer and have fun with my hobby at AC.

January 29, 2007

The War In Iraq

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Sometimes I hear of an American Soldier or Marine getting killed over there, and it’s almost like it don’t connect with my brain. I think to myself, well thats too bad and go on with whatever I am doing.  But I need to remember these are people, not a number to be quoted on CNN.

 My 10 year old son Adam’s cousin Johnny just deployed over there in the Army.  Johnny is related to my son on his mom’s side of the family. The last time I saw him, he was probably about 12 years old.

I am almost shocked to understand this little kid (as I remember him) is over there putting his life on the line.  He recently got married and has his whole life in front of him.

I have 2 teenage stepsons in addition to my 10 year old. I am very concerned with the fact that they will probably end up going,  over there. I think there will be a draft after the next election. The two teens I am really worried about having to go. One plans to join the airforce anyway.

I think that I and and everyone should consider that these are real people over there in the military.  They have hopes, dreams and desires like we do. Every time one dies or is injured for life, families are changed forever.  I will not downplay the next death, I hear about. They are more than just a number.

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