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February 27, 2007

Embarrising moment for my little girl

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I have an 11 year old daughter. For Valentines day she got a card from a 1st Grader she rides the bus with. The Card said “Going to the Pasture and gonna get married” along the lines of the old song :”Going to the chapel and gonna get married”

It just kills her when we start singing that song to her now. It’s a wonder she didn’t pound him for giving that to her.


February 25, 2007

Tourist kills mugger

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The AP is reporting that an American Tourist has killed a mugger in Costa Rica. Apparently a group of tourists were attacked at a beach by 3 men, armed with 2 knives and a gun. A former United States military man, attacked the gunman and killed him with his bare hands!

He was not charged by the police and has resumed his cruise. I say more power to him.  Criminals should know that not everyone is an easy target.

February 10, 2007

Open Letter to Wal-Mart

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First thanks for building one of the largest Wal-Marts in the country, 5 miles from my house.  As I do 90% of my grocery shopping there, this is a great help.

I like the new store for the most part. You could use more parking, and your magazine/book section leaves a little to be desired.

 I have some ideas to relieve the stress of shopping in the grocery section. People are running around in all directions, causing pandamonium to break out. Pain lines in the asiles like on a highway. Then have all shoppers wear shock collars. You know, like they train dogs with.

 Have the lines set up so that if a person crosses the line he/she gets zapped. Have security monitor the store and zap any kid over the age of 3 that runs in the store, and their parents for letting them. And what the hell zap any teen age boy who struts through there acting like a bad butt. 

These are good ideas and if you need someone to run the zapper program, not only do I work for free, I would probably pay you to get to zap em.

February 8, 2007

Support the Grin Kids!

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What is a Grin Kid? you ask.  ACE & TJ’s Grin Kids is a non-profit 501c3 charity, created by morning show personalities ACE & TJ in Charlotte, North Carolina in January of 2000.  They take terminally ill and chronically handicapped, ages five to twelve, in their listening area, to Disney World. They also take the families of these kids.  For the duration of the trip the parents get to take it easy, as well.

For the record I have nothing to do with Grin Kids or Ace&TJ, I am just a fan of both the charity and the show.

 I would also like to extend my condolences to the Harke family on the death of Grin Kid Jasper Harke. Jasper was an original Grin Kid on the first trip. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family.

January 23, 2007

NFL Network Rocks

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They have been showing entire old Super Bowls.  Last night I watched the 2nd Steeler-Cowboy Super Bowl. The one where Jackie Smith dropped the easy Touchdown Pass. Oh I feel for him, a great career forgotten to remember that drop.

January 2, 2007

Happy New Year everyone

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Just wanted to toss out a Happy Newyear to anyone bored enough to be reading this.  I as always,.remained at home for New Years Eve.  While my little girl and I were watching some fireworks, some morons opened up with some pistols shooting up in the air, down below us. Drunks and guns don’t mix well idiots! I wrote this on New Years Day and forgot to publish it, duh!

Darrent Williams

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My thoughts and prayers go out to the family of Denver Bronco Darrent Williams. He was shot and killed after a dispute at a night club.  The man was 24 years old. People are too quick to pull a trigger these days.  The man is dead and the lives of several people are changed forever. Including that of the scumbag who shot him.

Furbies are cool!

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Ok I really hate to admit this but I think Furbies are kind of cool. If you don’t know what it is, it’s a stuffed animial type toy that talks, sings, tells jokes and burps and farts.  It has it’s on language but learns English as you speak to it.  My little girl, Monica got one for Christmas and the whole family likes it. I enjoy waking it up when she makes it go to sleep because it goes nuts and won’t stop talking sometimes. I have been trying to teach it so say “Monica is a dork” but no luck so far.

December 31, 2006

Getting Started

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Ok my first post. I have a couple of neglected blogs out there. This one I intend to keep going.  Ok my name is Randy Inman aka Randync in some internet circles.  I live in North Carolina with my Fiancee Ann and our dorky kids. In my spare time I am a freelance writer, mostly for associatedcontent.com. My one claim to almost fame is that I am descended from the same family as the Inman in the Cold Mountain book/movie.  I currently am a delivery driver for FedEx for my “real” job.

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