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February 3, 2007

Soccer Riots

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I see that there were some bad soccer riots in Italy. One police officer was killed and another badly injured. They have suspended the sport in Italy. I think if there are soccer riots, the game should be banned in that country for an entire season. Ok I do understand that soccer fans are a little off in the head, or they would be American Football fans.  But for people to die over a sport is quite stupid.  If it drives people into a frenzy of fighting, then ban the sport and be done with it.



  1. I was just watching national news last night. They were talking about how schools in Indiana and Illinois were having to include security funds in the budget of their high school athletic programs.

    The schools are having more and more violence break out at their games. They are having to pay to have off duty police officers come in for security during the games.

    I know this may not be on the same level as soccer riots, but it is violence nonetheless. I don’t remember the number, but they quoted a number of deaths relating to violence at high school sporting events last year, and I know it surprised me.

    So, then, should high school sports be banned in the US?

    If there is any kind of violence after the Super Bowl tonight, should football be banned in the US?

    Comment by Snoop — February 4, 2007 @ 1:50 pm | Reply

  2. It should be banned in the city it takes place in, if it’s widespread.

    Comment by randyinman — February 4, 2007 @ 2:26 pm | Reply

  3. Personally I hate sports, and it wouldn’t bother me a bit for them to be banned everywhere.

    Comment by Snoop — February 9, 2007 @ 8:17 pm | Reply

  4. Gasp

    Comment by randyinman — February 9, 2007 @ 8:58 pm | Reply

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