Randy’s Rants

January 11, 2007

Rich People

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Working for FedEx I deliver to alot of rich people’s homes.

Things I have leared about rich people.

Their dogs act just as stupid as poor people’s dogs and try to bite ya, though more of them are kept inside.

The richer you are, the farther your front door is from the driveway.  I have to carry packages to the front door, usually. Seems like the nicer the house, the more I have to walk. Maybe they hire poor people to carry them from their car to the house.

 Rich guys are usually nicer than rich women. The women glare at you until they figure out you are Fedex and have something for them.

 Rich people have nicer more roomy driveways to turn around in.  A poor person don’t care if you go in their yard a bit turning around, rich people do.

Some rich people have crappy old needing a paint job mailboxes. Some poor people have nice mailboxes and a crappy old needing a paint job, house!


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